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We know that the allure of solar energy has a lot to do with the money you’ll save over time. However, you’ll enjoy several other benefits when you choose SolarpROOFit for solar panel installation.

First and foremost, we only offer superior products that are designed to deliver optimal performance and last for years to come. With efficiency, longevity, and the highest standards for safety and environmental friendliness, you’ll always enjoy outstanding value when you work with the trusted team at SolarpROOFit.

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Solar Panels can get quite dirty. There are many external influences that cause solar panels to become dirty, including dust, dirt and pollutants in the atmosphere, bugs, spider webs and bird droppings to name a few. 

Dust, bird droppings and pollen buildup all can have a significant impact on solar energy production performance. Having this buildup on your solar panels can reduce your system’s energy yields by up to 30% causing associated substantial reductions in your energy bill savings